Why you do have debts with Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken? how much do you need to pay to him?

Why you do have debts with Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken? how much do you need to pay to him?

Have you visited any of the following websites? 

If you did, you need to pay money, or suggest a trade (give a gift, good or service or working time) to Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken to his paypal account:  welcome@lifestyle-traveler.com

WHY? in the following page you will know why.

Wealth Management

Collective Self-Responsibility Payment

” What is wealth, but the tangible, intentional, direct and indirect, visible and invisible presence of the principle of wealth. ” ~ L D Maldonado Fonken

” Do you want my knowledge? you cannot have it! it is private property! ” ~ L D Maldonado Fonken

” Knowledge cannot be given, it is the self-expression of your heart, how could i give all that is yours to you? in the same sense, knowledge cannot be bought ” ~ L D Maldonado Fonken

” Before you intent to build, you need to break the ground, foundations are necessary ” ~ L. D. Maldonado Fonken


 You are now visiting a heart based site.

 It is the experience, of your inner heart, that brings you to clarity regarding your own knowledge, your own wealth and your possible choices.

Wealth Management Agreement

The agreement described by the solutions (1,2, and 3) below is valid for every visitor of this website, and of every website produced, created or published by L D Maldonado Fonken

 As well this agreement is valid for every individual that interact, will interact or have been interacting with the site creator and site content, site knowledge and know how creator L D Maldonado Fonken, as holder of the content and knowledge published in this site. All agreements described above are valid also for interaction with L D Maldonado Fonken.

 In all of these cases, we request from the site visitors to apply own self-consciousness, to be honest with themselves and decide by their own what did they learn, which value would they like to assign or associate to the learned experiences, materials, ideas or tools, and how much would they, voluntery, would like to give as return, to the site owner.

 There isnt and wont be any legal action against any visitor of the site that do not pay or give any value, servoce or good in return after visiting the site or interacting with luis daniel maldonado fonken, the only purpose of this page is to help you become aware and decide by your own what you wish to do.


“if the content of this site directly or indirectly created through your consciouss or unconsciouss self-awareness, use or application, as described in detail below, a particular benefit (visible or invisible, tangible or intentional), the visitor agree to commit to the following payments*, as a return of the value provided by the website creatores through the site content to him/her/it/them.”

Collective Self-responsibility – Wealth Management Agreement

How do you collaborate with the development of this site/project/business/owners intentions?

As all content shared in this site shares non-tangible values, we invite you to become aware of your consumption (of them), by reading this page.

0. ) A donnation is a payment that hs the function to recognize the value of a tangible or non tangible good/service that have been or not consumed yet, by the donnor, while the intention of the donnor is to support through the donnation the development of the one(s) that developed/provided/suggested the non tangible good/service, without any selfish interest, but considering the benefit the world would receive out of the development of the goods/services.So, how important is that you support financially the creatores of this site and developed of the goods/services announced here?

1. ) If you go to a market and buy a yogurt, you would, under normal conditions, consume it, after paying for it. While in our case, while you are visiting this website, you are already consuming the goods/products and you didint pay yet for what you reacved and consumed already. You would ask: But where is the cashier? Where could you pay for the value of the non-tangible goods before consuming them? how can a consultant/coach/trainer/legacy team reach you, in order to ask you for a payment?

2. ) If a consultant or advicer gives to you advice, information or support you in the process of building up abilities you need. The results are inmeditaly and long term (endless) beneficial for your life, lifestyle, business and personal development. But you pay only once for the product or service. Why? ( As the benefits out of the product or service increases for yourself daily, the consultant/trainer/advicer/coach needs next month to look for/after a new customer in order to keep own business running.In few words, it/he/she will keep him/her/it self always bussy trying to cover ground/base expenses, while you advanced your organization/life far beyond your previous natural possibilities.Without the advicer/trainer/consultant/coach, your future would be different. But did you supported the consultant/advicer/trainer/coach to advance own future in the same measure? Instead of keeping the consultant/advicer/trainer who did a good work, looking for a new customer every month, reducing his/her/its possibilities of building up a financial foundation/ground, wouldnt be fair to share with him/her/it a % of your successful application of his/her/its advice/training/support?).

3. ) If a consultant or advicer wishes to bring information and skills to the world, such an enterprise will need not only from monthly financial resources, but as well from a continues investment in travel, publications, events where more individuals and organizations that wishes to receive the benefits associated to his/her/its work will meet him/her. Which means, a financial ground, stable and steady income, are extremely important.


In order to solve the last three situations L D Maldonado Fonken created the concpet of collaborative/collective self-responsibility, which suggests you, user/consumer/costumer to take responsibility in the sustainable development of the company/service/individual that collaborates with yours.Read as: long term.


You take responsibility by doing a payment before/and/or/after reading the website/watching the videos and other publications of L D Maldonado Fonken (It applies also for meeting him privately).

Intuitively identify in the following scale the level of benefit your perceive you received, and follow up with a payment. The payment amounts suggested are only a reference, you are welcome to pay more, according to your own perception or to give a donnation for an amount you choose.

In which of the following levels of life/business experience/development have been your actual visit to this site beneficial to you?


ZERO: Self-awareness, presence, self-oneness,self-loving love, self-enjoyment, … / 900.00 €

ONE: Individual, personal development / 450.00 €

TWO: Relationship, interaction / 900.00 €

THREE: Collective, team, community / 1800.00 €

FOUR: Organization, / 2700.00 €

FIVE: Location Network, Interaction with Culture, Culture / 900.00 €

SIX: Travel / 450.00 €

SEVEN: Multilocation, Multiculture / 900.00 €

EIGTH: Global / 1800.00 €

NINE: Planetary / 2700.00 €

NINE+: Planetary Plus. / 9000.00 €

Payment gateway: PAYPAL http://www.paypal.com : welcome@lifestyle-traveler.com


After/while buying/consuming a service/product of L D Maldonado Fonken, like consultancy, coaching, training, you will receive a payment agreement, which will describe two pyments: A.) service/product price and B.) sustainable development price. The sustainable development price will be paid by rates, for a period of timedescribed in the same agreement, according to case. While the service/product price will be paid: 50% on advanced and 50% when 30% of the service have been provided. In the case of products 100% on advanced.


You commit to apply the information, training, advice given, with self-responsibility. Your continues application of it, and development of your experience and knowledge regarding the value and possible applications of it, is your responsibility. To receive the complete benefits of it, it will be necessary for you to give time to it, dedicate with discipline and study, to its practice.

If you receive advice, information regarding a method and use ogf it, or certain technical and practical skills; your application of that advice, information and built skills will benefit you for whole life. This long term (endless) benefit is the intention of the services provided by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken. The outcome will depend on your ability to apply and follow advice and collaborate with L D Maldonado Fonken.


About Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

CONTACT: www.luisdanielmaldonadofonken.info Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, lifestyle traveler, author, body-artist, story teller, musician, magiscian, yoga and meditation facilitator, sword and archery practitioner, visionary, innovation specialist, business consultant, coach. Self-awareness Technology developer, prime technology developer
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