The 9 Elements, Intiation into The Golden Path of Sacred Wealth, new Publication by L D Maldonado Fonken

The 9 Elements, Intiation into The Golden Path of Sacred Wealth, new Publication by L D Maldonado Fonken

NOW Available at LULU

The Elements Management Analysis is one of the Key Tools developed by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken (self awareness applied SAAP) The Analysis uses Symbolic language, nature principles, human heart based and consciousness based self-awareness and decision making, as well as organic sustainable development and resilience principles, for the Analysis of the project. Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken have been developing this tools since 1994. The EM Analysis, EM900 mode, can be done with 900 Elements. In this case will be described only the first Mandala of 9 Elements. There are webinars available online which describe how to do the analysis for 3 Elements. Before you apply any SAAP Tool, the following questions need to be answered. The questions have been organized according to each of the 9 elements, presented here. The answers will be used later as reference for discussion and analysis with the EM Analyst.


About Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

CONTACT: Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, lifestyle traveler, author, body-artist, story teller, musician, magiscian, yoga and meditation facilitator, sword and archery practitioner, visionary, innovation specialist, business consultant, coach. Self-awareness Technology developer, prime technology developer
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