PEACE CAMPAIGN 2014 russia-krimea-nato-eu-usa



Every one that would like to join me in a peace campaign related to the russia-krimea-nato-eu-usa is welcome to join me at this forum.

At this forum everyone kin to collaborate and cocreate projects is welcome to join.

At this stage of the project we will discuss on several strategies we can apply for infussing peace and informing people how to support peace at location and online.

Much joy, love and peace


The Art of Peace
Die Kunst Des Friedens
Irina Below Zygenhagel & Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken
Are we close to a cold war? or the outcomes of this year have been preset along the last 63 years?
Video & powerpoint Presentation (ENGLISH)

Video & powerpoint Presentation (DEUTSCH)



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CONTACT: Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, lifestyle traveler, author, body-artist, story teller, musician, magiscian, yoga and meditation facilitator, sword and archery practitioner, visionary, innovation specialist, business consultant, coach. Self-awareness Technology developer, prime technology developer
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